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The struggle of living in a place that you do not love, where you feel like an outsider – is real. I’ve been there. That’s why I’m here.

When I moved to Austin, I knew I’d found the place I should be. I found my people. I am living the life I’ve always wanted.

I don’t just help clients buy houses. I help people live a life they love. I am a strategic partner who provides a personalized experience to help you step into the life you want here in Austin, Texas.

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Austin: Home

I’ve spent time all over this city enjoying the sights, sounds, and people that make Austin so special. I know Austin because I love it. I have a heart for the city. I understand how the neighborhoods and areas feel, not just where houses are located.

As your Realtor®, I will help you gain clarity on what you actually want. We’ll open doors beyond the “bedrooms and bathrooms” conversation and discover what’s most important to you.

I’m here to help you step into the home – and life – you love.

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My Guarantee

You will receive unparalleled customer service from a dedicated, experienced real estate agent who will do everything possible to get you the home you want. Period.

I will handle all the details, ensuring nothing is overlooked. Nothing is hidden. I’m here to simplify a complex process so that you can move out of the housing market and into your home.